400 Unbelievable Teens

The teens on TJJ are amazing! They come from all different social, geographic and religious backgrounds and don’t judge each other. They are united in that they all want to have a fun and meaningful summer touring Israel, making new friends and learning more about Judaism.

You’ll Have the Best Summer of Your Life!

TJJ includes the most fun and exciting activities all over Israel. Jeep through the Judean desert, hike the hills of Israel, snorkel in the Mediterranean sea and kayak down the Jordan river. You’ll also get the chance to go rappelling, camel-riding, banana boating, and rock climbing.

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Discover Your Jewish Homeland in a Hands-on Way

Travel around the country and gain an appreciation for all the historical and modern sites of Israel. Pray at the Western Wall, float in the Dead Sea, tour the old city of Jerusalem and be inspired in the mystical city of Tzfat. Experience what Israel was like in biblical times during an overnight stay in the Bedouin tents.
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Staff and Advisors that are Always There for You

The staff on TJJ are made up of amazing college-age advisors, exceptional Israeli tour guides and experienced youth professionals. They’re all accepting, supportive and friendly. They are always there for you and will make sure you have the best summer of your life.
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Make Friends that Will Last a Lifetime

TJJ is the perfect place to meet new people and make friends that will last you a lifetime. Last year alone, 400 teens went on TJJ. You’ll get to meet cool and interesting teens from all across North America. In just a few short days, everyone becomes friends and by the end of the trip, TJJ is like a family.